MoFY presents “Emotionull — An Artist Takeover”

Yam Finance
3 min readOct 20, 2021


In the Metaverse, an artist can takeover an entire virtual space, opening up a new paradigm for art installations not restricted by real-world limitations like gravity and materiality.

The Museum of Fine Yams and our featured artist Emotionull are excited to explore these ideas as Emotionull takes over our Museum in the metaverse of Cryptovoxels across three exciting virtual Events, featuring work that spans virtual reality, digital paintings, video, and voxel sculptures. Emotionull has completely taken over MoFY and is taking advantage of every medium Crypotovoxels can allow for.

Event 1

Event 1 of the Artist Takeover will take place in both Twitter Spaces and our metaverse gallery and be centered around an artist talk between Emotionull and our in-house art critic, Designer. Gallery visitors will be able to explore Emotionull’s recently minted artworks and a dynamic sculptural installation that Emotionull decorated the space with. The world of Cryptovoxels enables builders to cover their entire space with voxel models. Emotionull’s installation will give visitors a chance to fly around and immerse themselves in his 3D world.

The show show will also include new wearables as well as the release of a new art piece on Known Origin titled “The ”

Also, stick around the event till the end for a surprise contest announcement!

And as always, visitors will be able to claim a POAP featuring exclusive art by Emotionull himself.

Event 2

Event 2 of the Artist takeover will feature a stream of Emotionull creating a 3D art piece live in-world at the Museum of Fine Yams and the potential for an audience collaboration with the artist.

The live art creation will be followed by a live auction of the new NFT piece.

Event 3

Event 3 of the Artist Takeover will be centered around a Metaverse Dance Party and the unveiling of the final Emotionull art piece.

And keep your eyes peeled for unique surprises at each event!

MoFY x JPG Collaboration

In another first for YAM, Emotionull’s artist takeover will live on-chain with the power of JPG Protocol’s new media curation protocol. The Museum of Fine Yams is proud to be one of the alpha galleries exploring JPG’s registry-based protocol focused on NFT curation.

We see JPG as providing the tools to etch Emotionull’s show and his work into the history of the Ethereum blockchain (or as @trente likes to call it, “Proof of Hipsterdom.) Our hope is to make JPG a standard in all of our curated shows going forward and provide proof of curation for our museum and artists.

Welcoming Winter Bears

This exclusive MoFY event is sponsored by Winter Bears, a powerful NFT community founded by Yam DAO contributor Nushi. The two organizations are exploring greater collaboration, combining forces and with both bringing unique strengths to the relationship.

More details will be unveiled soon. To celebrate the event and future collaboration the Winter Bears community have donated a Bear NFT that will be raffled to attendees. Make sure to come along to learn more!

Takeover Trailer

We’re excited to share a trailer for our first event in the Artist Takeover series!

The event will take place on our @YamFinance Twitter spaces. The event is scheduled for Oct. 21st at 1PM EST or 5PM UTC. Make sure to check our twitter here and set a reminder so you don’t miss out on all of the festivities.

Stay tuned for the next stages of Emotionull’s Artist Takeover!